RNet Wireless Pte Ltd

RNet Wireless is a distributor of RansNet which provides marketing and distribution services to resell mbox, mfusion and other products of RansNet in Asia Pacific.

Nube Tech Pte Ltd

Nube Tech is a distributor and reseller of Cloudian solutions. Nube Tech distributes Cloudian solutions across Asia Pacific, including territories such as China and Indonesia.

RansNet Singapore Pte Ltd

RansNet develops cloud management platform and Internet networking solutions for enterprises, public venues and hospitalities. Its technologies focus on maximizing experience of end users and investment returns for its partners and customers. Its clientele includes, amongst others, Changi Airport Group, Sentosa Development Corporation, Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Center.

Cloudian Holdings Inc.

Cloudian provides cloud storage solutions for small to medium enterprises, public venues and hospitalities. Its solutions are optimized for the demanding data management workloads in media and entertainment, finance, research, energy, life sciences and manufacturing environment. Cloudian launched its object storage platform in 2011 as Cloudian HyperStore. Today, enterprises and service providers are building reliable, affordable, and scalable private cloud storage solutions with Cloudian HyperStore, the leading 100% native S3 object storage solution.

Cloudzen Pte Ltd

Cloudzen is a Singapore based company that develops a mobile entertainment platform that utilizes cloud streaming technology to enable users to view and interact through live streaming videos & play games instantly on the go. Called GameCloud, the latter is targeted at teens and young adults (Generation Y and Z). GameCloud provides gamers with an engaging experience for them to play games conveniently through cloud streaming, engage socially through live streaming / chatting, and earn rewards through gamified ecommerce system. The GameCloud SDK also enables game developers to create better content in less time.

Kongko Digital Pte Ltd

Kongko Digital is the company behind the development and publish of Yogrt, the largest local social networking mobile application in Indonesia. Yogrt is targeted at the Gen-Y segment, being 17-30 years old, which comprises about 70 million out of the 250 million population in Indonesia.

Lusus Lab Pte Ltd

Lusus Lab, a company incorporated in Singapore, was established for the very purpose of providing enhancements to marketing solutions through technology. Lusus Lab is broken into mainly 3 businesses, Digital Marketing, App Development and Video Production. Currently, Lusus lab is developing Peeqr, a live-streaming platform to enchance PR and marketing efforts for brands to reach out, engage and understand their consumers.

ESP xMedia Pte Ltd

ESPxCloud is ESP xMedia’s flagship Cloud Video Platform based on its Elastic Streaming Platform (ESP) suite of interactive streaming media technologies. It empowers game-changing multi-camera, multi-location live webcasts whereby different web and mobile viewers become their own camera directors who can independently personalize their switchable picture-in-picture camera viewports while interacting with the host and other friends/viewers through chats, real-time polls, quizzes, surveys, etc. ESPxCloud encompasses the entire video value chain spanning from multi-camera capture, encode, record, manage, to elastic streaming and interactive personalised playback.

Insonotech Pte Ltd

Insonotech has developed an audio/multi-media focus ecommerce platform and audio/multi-media technologies & product development platform. It is the holding company of Xmi Pte Ltd ("Xmi"), the company behind the globally successful X-mini™ range of speakers and audio products. Xmi products are and have been sold and distributed in over 80 countries around the world.

Commandviz Technologies Pte Ltd

Commandviz Technologies is a software and services company that empowers its clients the ability to evolve their businesses through automated real-time analysis of the business model using live big data feed collected from all possible sources via the Operations Management Cloud (OMC) platform.

Gowild Singapore Pte Ltd

Gowild SG seeks to realise science fiction technology into practical applications to improve and enhance the lives of people. It is in the business of robotics and artificial intelligence (“AI”) and seeks to create a platform where applications and services can be designed around leveraging on the benefits of AI. The Xiaobai (小白) robot is the main product where the AI is manifested in a robot which can communicate with users, serving as an emotional companion, understanding and responding in a caring manner.

Partipost Pte Ltd

Partipost is a crowd marketing marketplace platform that connects brands to influencers, helping brands access word-of-mouth advertising among social media users with an automated system that can help brands maximize their ROI.

Cloud Wings Pte Ltd

Cloud Wings is developing a software platform for bridging media content with online ecommerce, enabling viewers to purchase curated fashion and accessories from TV and video programs.

Asia Media Exchange Pte Ltd

AsiaMX is a cross-media advertising asset management company headquartered in Singapore. It has pioneered an algorithm-based trading exchange connecting leading media owners to global advertisers and media agencies. It offers access to high-value ‘first look’ premium advertising assets across broadcast television, online video and mobile. AsiaMX provides an intuitive self-serve platform that enables its clients to manage data-driven, TV advertising campaigns using their own teams.